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A Sabbath Service for the Community and for Our Communal Aspirations

God speaks in many voices and to different people differently. This is not to say that every opinion or action is godly, but rather that there is a great diversity in the ways that God is understood and the ways that godly virtues can be pursued. The challenge in a multi-cultural, multi-religious, and democratic society is to keep our shared moral values before our eyes and to work together to pursue them.

This service is one of a number of programs being arranged by local religious and civic leaders, hoping to honor our shared communal sensibilities and Divinely inspired aspirations. 

Congregation Brit Shalom invites everyone in the community to this Sabbath Service. We shall invoke ancient wisdom and modern insights, contemplating the hopes of all humankind for justice, righteousness, and kindness. Our hope to hold aloft our shared and sacred values and seek ways to manifest them in the world.

Participating with Rabbi David Ostrich will be members of Congregation Brit Shalom and members of other faiths. The sermon will be given by Pastor Dean Lindsey of State College Presbyterian Church.

We hope you will join us for this service and interfaith gathering—and for refreshments afterwards.

(This is a rescheduling of the Interfaith event originally scheduled for February.)